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The fundamentals

Rentything is an online rental marketplace empowering users like you to make money by renting out the stuff they own, and discovering new activities by renting out others' stuff. It's safe, fast, and easy.
Ever want to make money with the stuff that's just sitting in your house (think spare rooms, spare camping equipment, old baby clothes)? Well now you can with Rentything. Best of all, it's almost free.
Simple. Login with your favourite social network or through email. Then start adding your stuff. That's it! Now you're ready to start accepting reservations for your stuff and to get paid for lending it out. You can also make requests for stuff your looking out for by clicking the "Request" button in the top navigation form and filling out the short form. It's that easy!
You can use Facebook, Twitter, or Google. Or you can use your email address.
We use your social networks to help build trust (and verify you are a real person with real friends). If you connect using Facebook, we'll show additional information such as mutual friends that you might have between you and another user. We also make it easy for you to invite your friends through your social networks.
Rentything tries to show offers only in your area. By sharing your location, we can tailor a much better experience for you. If you share your full address with us, adding offers becomes easier as an option to fill in the address information becomes available.
Click in settings, under the password subheading.
Click in settings, under the profile subheading. Fill out your profile so other users are more comfortable renting from you and lending their stuff to you.
The dashboard is where you can find important information such as new notifications, the offers you've created, as well as any reservations you have made or any bookings you have received. Use it to help you keep track and stay organized on Rentything.
We're sad to see you go, but we understand that Rentything may not be for everyone. If you decide you want to delete your account, click in settings, under the account subheading. There you'll have a "Delete Account" button. If you confirm deletion, your account data is permanently deleted and cannot be undone.
Wow, you are awesome! Go ahead and use the social spread buttons in the footer of Rentything at the bottom of the site. You can also join our communities (also found in the footer) or email your friends.

All about trust and privacy

The offer will display the title, price, availability, and description from the offer form you filled out. It will also show any pictures you added to the offer. In addition, a calendar showing the availability of your offer and a map showing the approximate location of your offer will be displayed. We don't show your address to the reserver until you accept a reservation. Comments and Reviews on your offer from other users will also show up here.
Yes. If you connect with your social networks, we do not store any passwords or have the ability to see them from your social networks. If you sign up through email, your passwords are encrypted and we cannot see them. As for renting your stuff, you get to choose who you ultimately rent to. We encourage users to upload pictures of themselves, fill out their profiles completely, connect their social networks, and other things to build their trust. This should give you an idea if they are somebody you'd feel comfortable lending your stuff to.
We use it to make it easy to invite your friends, and it helps to build your trust profile. We display which social networks are verified on your profile page. If you register with a social network, we'll also grab your social network's profile picture to use as your main picture. If you connect with Facebook, we'll also show additional information such as mutual friends you might have with another Rentything member.
So other users can find where your offers are located, of course (this will help them decide if the offer is in an acceptable distance from where they are). We'll also use your address to show offers in your region for a more tailored experience.
To create an offer listing you'll need tokens. You can purchase tokens on Rentythig website. The process will be done securely through Paypal or credit card payment.
New members sometimes might have a lower trust score. If you don't trust someone who makes a reservation for one of your offers, simply ignore the reservation (which will expire after 24 hrs) or reject it and optionally send a message to the user explaining why you rejected their reservation. Encourage them to boost their trust score!
We show them to other users who view your offer or your profile page. You can delete them at any time.
All of your data is permanently deleted. Your offers, contacts, pictures, bookmarks, requests, all of it.
No. If your offer isn't ready to be shown to the world, then you can save it as a draft. Aside from that, everybody has the ability to find your offers (which means more potential money for you) or your requests (which means more users may be able to help you).
No. We don't currently have an option to hide profiles from search engines. If that is an important feature for you, please let us know at [email protected]

Questions about Offers and Requests

Short Answer: Almost :). Longer Answer: When you decide to rent out something, all you have to do is to create an offer listing on Rentything. This means you become a seller (or owner) and anybody you lend to becomes a buyer (or borrower). In order to create an offer listing you'll need tokens. To list an item or service for 1 month, you'll need 1 token; to list it for 2 months, you'll need 2 tokens; and so on. You can purchase tokens on our website whenever necessary. Since tokens are of fixed cost (and, oh yeah, not expensive at all), that is the only cost listing your item or service on Rentything. Not only that, there is no limit on how many times you rent out your item or service during the listing period. In other words, Rentything will not share any profit that you are going to make. As a buyer, if you rent something off of Rentything, you'll only have to pay the seller (the user offering the offer). Isn't it nice?
That's up to you. Be reasonable or nobody will rent your offer. Slightly below the going rate will help entice users to your offer. Obviously don't charge more than it would cost to outright buy whatever you are offering as that wouldn't get you very many people interested in your offer.
Just about anything and everything (hence the name Rentything). Stay away from illegal stuff (whatever is illegal in your jurisdiction), as well as anything that may offend people. Guns, porn or sex, drugs, hate material are some of the things not permitted. Rentything will remove offers it deems inappropriate at it's discretion.
To help you, your offer page will have the ability to share your offer on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or Pinterest. You can also email your offer or if you have a blog, blog about it as well or just tell your friends about it and recruit them to spread the word.
Yes, go to Dashboard/Offers and click on "Edit this offer" on the offer you wish to edit.
As a seller, if you accept a reservation, an email will be sent to the buyer with your address and phone number. The buyer is responsible to contact you to discuss about how payment is to be made. Rentything is not involved in this process. To try to avoid disputes, Rentything suggests that you collect a security deposit and both parties should sign an agreement before the renting takes place.
Disputes between renter and rentee are between them and should work together diligently to resolve the disputes. Rentything is not involved in this process, especially on the payments side. By creating an offer listing on Rentything, you are essentially opening a store. Imagine yourself as the store owner, and customers are the ones you rent to. Disputes should be resolved between the two of you. If you are not happy with a renter or rentee (seller or buyer), you have the ability to leave their offer a comment or review. Please be civil and constructive. Hateful messages will be removed by Rentything at it's sole discretion.
Try not to. Remember the person you are canceling on is a person just like you. That can be surprising for anyone not expecting it. If you must, please contact the renter before canceling and explain your reasons. To cancel go to Dashboard/My Reservations and click "Cancel".
Report it to [email protected] or you can flag the offer by clicking the flag icon on the offer page.
It's best to bring the transaction number which will be emailed to you upon a renter's acceptance of your reservation. This will allow you both to verify the transaction.