3 Items to Immediately Start Renting on Rentything

A few of our beta users were wondering if they even have anything to lend to others that they would want to borrow. The answer is a big fat YES. Everybody has something to offer. If you’re stuck and wondering what to lend in the sharing economy, we’ll offer some ideas on this blog from time to time. To get started, we’ll start with the stuff that almost everybody has. At the very bare minimum, most people have the following 3 items to lend.

English: A couch made with wood1. Spare space. Seriously. It could be a couch, a spare bedroom, an unused garage. Thinking along these lines should give you plenty of ideas to work with.

Cutlery for children2. Cutlery. Even the most hardcore minimalist should have a knife, fork, and plate to lend. You never know who might need extra cutlery for a big party they’re throwing.

English: A clothes merchant in Porto, Portugal3. Clothing. Again. Unless you’ve completely shunned society or live in some nudist colony, you probably have some clothes kicking around. And let’s be honest here, we all have some clothes that we never wear but can’t part with for one reason or another. Lend it!

These three items should cover just about everyone, because everyone has at least 1 of the 3 items. This is just the tip of the iceberg, of course, and definitely isn’t an exhaustive list (not even close!). With a little creativity and thought you’ll soon see that you have many items available to lend. Don’t think nobody would want what you have, because you never know.