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Rent from & to anyone for anything

A crazy simple way to rent stuff and properties online

  Turn your stuff and properties into business

  • Pay your monthly bills with the earnings you'll get from renting out your stuff and properties
  • Treat yourself to something nice
  • Recession proof your life & stay afloat
  • Meet awesome people
  • Get payments straight to your pocket

  Why buy when you can rent?

  • Discover new activities easily
  • Save up for a big occasion by renting items you don't use often instead of buying
  • Help your community & support those around you
  • Rent everything on Rentything when you are on your trip
  • It's greener for the planet

  Stay safe, secure & build trust

  • Easily see detailed profiles
  • Choose who you rent to and from
  • Communicate easily with others
  • Built in trust system
  • Real & authentic reviews

Rent anything & everything... it's a breeze

Join a safe and trustworthy community of people to rent from and to. You decide who gets to rent your stuff and properties.

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